You hereby consent to the use of electronic communication (which includes communication by email or telephone or facsimile). By this consent, you unequivocally agree that instructions transmitted by electronic communication be binding for all purposes, including for purposes of evidence.
You irrevocably undertake and warrant that you shall not make any demand or claim, or institute any action against Bancorp Securities Limited should you suffer any loss or liability as a result of your consent to the use of electronic communication.
You agree to indemnify and hold Bancorp Securities Limited harmless against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings which may be made or instituted against Bancorp Securities Limited; and all liabilities, losses, damages which may be suffered by Bancorp Securities Limited in connection with, or arising as a result of your consent to electronic communication or Bancorp Securities Limited’ reliance on electronic communication issued from your email account or other electronic communication account indicated herein or subsequently communicated to Bancorp Securities Limited by you or your nominated investment adviser or any other person you authorize to manage your account.
You acknowledge that there are certain risks associated with conveying instructions via electronic means, including, but not limited to the risk of delay, non-receipt (due to technical malfunction, disruption, connectivity issues, etc. of your system or Bancorp Securities Limited’ system or any other reason), third party interception/interference, data corruption, etc., and hereby fully waive, discharge and indemnify Bancorp Securities Limited in respect of any loss or damages resulting from any of the risks identified above/from the use of electronic communication with respect to your account.