What We Do

We provide best-in-class securities trading services for our clients by finding appropriate balance in execution price, trading costs, speed of execution, and nature of the trade.

Brokerage Services/Stockbroking

We provide excellent execution in equities, bonds and other securities on the NGX and NASD OTC trading platforms.

  • Our trading execution is based on Best Execution Policy, which adds value to our clients in a sustainable manner - short, medium and long term.

Bancorp E-Trade

We empower our clients to become traders, with ability to buy and sell shares directly at their convenience, through a robust technology-enabled platform.

  • Our real-time online trading platform is fast, flexible, efficient and effective in ensuring that your orders arrive the market promptly.

Target Equities Investment

This is a specialised product that enables client, most importantly the High-Net-worth Individuals (HNI) to grow their securities portfolio toward achieving specific or certain investment goals, such as retirement planning, living expenses, children school fees and other assets acquisitions.

Global Wealth Tracking & Account consolidation

We assist our clients retrieve and recover all outstanding dividends, bonus and shares through global search and tracking services.

  • We recover entitlements trapped within Capital Market ecosystem and help our clients consolidate for ease of wealth management and reconciliation.

Corporate Stockbroking

We guide Companies seeking to source capital through Primary market. We also guide Companies’ seeking to list on both the Nigerian Exchange Group and NASD OTC.

Estate account and Shares Transmission

We assist administrators or beneficiaries to Estates to process shares investment seamlessly, leveraging our experience and professionalism to ensure wealth is being passed from generation to generation.